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Self-Care Before Sit-Ups…

My good friend and client Amy Lundberg is starting her amazing “Self Care Before Sit-Ups” Group Coaching Program TODAY with a F*REE call…so if you’ve been wanting to lose the weight for good and get into shape so that you are energized and loving your body, you’ll definitely want to check this out!

Here’s her letter…

“Less than 24 hrs before my Accelerated Transformational group coaching program starts!

I have heard many of you and I am listening!

You are asking me for more details; not sure if this right for you; and the timing is a factor.

So two things:

1. There is never a perfect time to start when it comes to starting your journey towards improving your health, weight, balance, and lifestyle.

This only starts when the discomfort is too great…
so why wait until then, why not start now?

Life is always busy, my life is busy, but I know how to manage my energy (which I coach)not my time, to live a life of balance, peace, joy, and in my ideal healthy body. This gives me the energy to enjoy all the things I need to do and love to do without feeling depleted, guilty, or full of resentment.

So I invite you to looking within yourself with compassion and love and get in touch with your story, what has been holding you back from investing in yourself.

2. I am offering the first class f/r/ee to give you a taste and feel of what the class will be like and see for yourself if this is just what you are looking for and would support you in your personal journey.

Your next step: Send me an e-mail saying you would like to be a guest on the first call and I will give you the call-in details:

aimforit at

That’s it! I’m so excited! I know lives will transform because…they do! Love to have you be a part of it!




Aim For It-Fitness Coaching LLC

19483 County Rd
Detroit Lakes, MN

This will be a fantastic program, check it out!

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I am sick and I AM grateful.

With thanks to Louise Hay…
COLDS: Too much going on at once. Mental confusion and disorder.
AFFIRMATION: I allow my mind to relax and be at peace. Clarity and harmony are within me and all around me.

I am sick with a cold, and I AM grateful.

I AM grateful that being sick forces me to slow down and take time for myself…fulfilling one of my intentions this year for exquisite self-care. Since I haven’t chosen to do this voluntarily, my body is choosing for me.

I AM grateful that feeling sick creates a laser focus on the beliefs that are no longer serving me, and pinpointing all the areas in my life in which I overwork and under-appreciate.

I AM aware that I have a belief that I do not have the time to run a successful business and be a loving and present parent. (Ow!) I have become aware of a belief that I need to take on less-than-perfect clients at discount rates just to survive. (Double ow!) I see that I have bought into the belief that somehow being sick absolves me of responsibility – it’s something everyone experiences and so they’ll understand it. Right?! Uh oh…

I see that all of my limited thoughts have created this little healing crisis as these beliefs come up to be healed…and that when I share myself authentically with my perfect clients we are all enriched. I AM aware that this is an opportunity to re-assess my beliefs around ease and peace in my business, and to KNOW at a deep level that I AM sustained, nourished and protected in every way.

I AM grateful to have the opportunity to BE present to my children and witness their growth and maturity. I AM grateful to invest my energies into parenting and loving my children.

I AM grateful that being sick reminds me that 99% of the time I enJOY wonderful good health; I AM, in fact, nearly always well. I AM happy to be creating a body that is full of vitality, vigor, and the sparkle of enthusiasm for life.

As my body transitions back to health and wholeness, I would love your thoughts on how you have recovered quickly from illness and gifts you may have encountered in the journey.