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I am sick and I AM grateful.

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With thanks to Louise Hay…
COLDS: Too much going on at once. Mental confusion and disorder.
AFFIRMATION: I allow my mind to relax and be at peace. Clarity and harmony are within me and all around me.

I am sick with a cold, and I AM grateful.

I AM grateful that being sick forces me to slow down and take time for myself…fulfilling one of my intentions this year for exquisite self-care. Since I haven’t chosen to do this voluntarily, my body is choosing for me.

I AM grateful that feeling sick creates a laser focus on the beliefs that are no longer serving me, and pinpointing all the areas in my life in which I overwork and under-appreciate.

I AM aware that I have a belief that I do not have the time to run a successful business and be a loving and present parent. (Ow!) I have become aware of a belief that I need to take on less-than-perfect clients at discount rates just to survive. (Double ow!) I see that I have bought into the belief that somehow being sick absolves me of responsibility – it’s something everyone experiences and so they’ll understand it. Right?! Uh oh…

I see that all of my limited thoughts have created this little healing crisis as these beliefs come up to be healed…and that when I share myself authentically with my perfect clients we are all enriched. I AM aware that this is an opportunity to re-assess my beliefs around ease and peace in my business, and to KNOW at a deep level that I AM sustained, nourished and protected in every way.

I AM grateful to have the opportunity to BE present to my children and witness their growth and maturity. I AM grateful to invest my energies into parenting and loving my children.

I AM grateful that being sick reminds me that 99% of the time I enJOY wonderful good health; I AM, in fact, nearly always well. I AM happy to be creating a body that is full of vitality, vigor, and the sparkle of enthusiasm for life.

As my body transitions back to health and wholeness, I would love your thoughts on how you have recovered quickly from illness and gifts you may have encountered in the journey.


Author: cjbeale

Carolyn Beale is a freelance author and creator of Serendipity's Garden - A Celebration of Abundance: Body, Mind & Spirit. Subscribe to her complimentary monthly newsletter, a delightful assortment of tidbits to satisfy your senses, stimulate your curiosity, and soothe your spirit. Features include uplifting articles, empowering quotations, selected artwork, recommended websites, guest columnists, and much more.

One thought on “I am sick and I AM grateful.

  1. Hi Carolyn,
    I was adding your site to my blog roll, and found this post. Wow, I just wrote a similiar one! I hope you get well SOON, and know you will with your gratitude attitude. It’s really powerful, isn’t it. And, thank you for your comment on my abundance post. I thanked you in my comments, but realize today that you might not have seen it, so thank you again! It’s taken me a while to figure out all this blogging stuff.
    Bless, joette

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