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Celebrating Abundance: Body, Mind & Spirit

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Special Dream Meditation…

From Hay House:

To celebrate this month of dreaming and truly identifying and connecting to the most divine aspect of our selves, we invite you to experience a special dream meditation podcast led by davidji.

He will guide you in a process for bringing your waking state into your dream state, your dream state into your waking state, and your meditative state into both of these worlds.

This practice will allow you to access an entirely new level of awareness and will awaken the experience of SynchroDestiny – those meaningful coincidences that lead to the fulfillment of your deepest dreams and desires.


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I intend to experience a day filled with light, love, and laughter;

I intend to experience flow, beauty, and delight;

I intend to remain open to possibility and synchronicity;

I intend to honour my sacred relationship with money energy;

I intend to treat myself and everyone else with gentleness, kindness, and respect;

I intend to treat my body lovlingly and well;

I intend to experience harmony and joy in all my relationships;

I intend to take small aligned actions in the direction of my dreanms;

I intend to re-member who I AM, and to maintain that perspective throughtout my day;

Today, I intend to BE Love.