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I intend to experience a day filled with light, love, and laughter;

I intend to experience flow, beauty, and delight;

I intend to remain open to possibility and synchronicity;

I intend to honour my sacred relationship with money energy;

I intend to treat myself and everyone else with gentleness, kindness, and respect;

I intend to treat my body lovlingly and well;

I intend to experience harmony and joy in all my relationships;

I intend to take small aligned actions in the direction of my dreanms;

I intend to re-member who I AM, and to maintain that perspective throughtout my day;

Today, I intend to BE Love.


Author: cjbeale

Carolyn Beale is a freelance author and creator of Serendipity's Garden - A Celebration of Abundance: Body, Mind & Spirit. Subscribe to her complimentary monthly newsletter, a delightful assortment of tidbits to satisfy your senses, stimulate your curiosity, and soothe your spirit. Features include uplifting articles, empowering quotations, selected artwork, recommended websites, guest columnists, and much more.

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