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Grandmother’s Circle the Earth Council

“We are The Grandmother’s Circle the Earth Council, from many parts of the world we have come together united in voice for all relations. As Grandmothers/ Women, for too long our voices have been rendered silent. Over the past year we have come together forming grandmother circles around the globe. To be a voice for the voiceless, share our concerns and solutions with all people of our Earth Mother and for the next seven generations.

Collectively, today we are issuing a global statement: We unite our voices to speak out against the practice of modifying our food supply with unknown, untested and dangerous Genetically Engineered Organisms / Genetically Modified Organisms.

Although this practice has been going on for some time it has come to our attention that scientists have recently discovered an unknown pathogen within GE/GMO corn, fed to farm animals that is causing stock to miscarry their young. Our four-legged family is loosing their offspring, a fate that could befall our own daughters and granddaughters.

Consequently we invoke the precautionary principal.

However in the space that it took to write this statement, it has come to our attention that another report has been released. It states the presence of the GE/GMO Bt toxin in the blood of pregnant women and the umbilical cord of the baby has been shown. This is something that the biotech industry said would not and could not happen.

We cannot wait for government agencies to help us. We must do this for our selves, for our children’s health, for our daughter’s reproductive health and for the next 7 generations to come.

Therefore – today we send out a global call to women all over the world to stand in her power with us – and use her consumer choices to boycott all products suspected of having GE/GMO ingredients, and all products/ animals that have been fed this GE/GMO corn.

You are supported on this journey of change. We unite together offering you groups to research that have information on the danger of these practices and enable you to discover alternatives that are safe and healthy for your family. We encourage you to do your own research and find solutions that you are comfortable with for your family.

By finding links to seed banks, inviting women, the original gatherer, to grow her own food, start her own heirloom seed bank in her neighborhood, we all empower one another for the health of the next seven generations. We also encourage women to speak out to all men in our communities to join their voices with the women.

Connect with community gardens, organic gardeners, supermarkets whole food stores, and local farmers markets. These are but a few suggestions to help make food choices easy, fun and healthy for your family.

We suggest contacting our local GE/GMO free groups because they already have lists of GMO products and alternative organic community gardens, co-ops, products. When you find a great resource share that with everyone you know, post blogs about it, and speak up for all the children of the Earth Mother.

We humbly ask you, to join your voice with ours, until we circle the Earth and all voices join together for the health of our Family… Global Family.

All our relations, all our love, Grandmothers Circle the Earth Council”

GM watch

GMO free

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Visualizing – Creation Tool or Vibrational Practice?

“When you deliberately conjure an image for the purpose of creating, we want you to understand that, well, often people think “I’m going to sit and do my creating now.”

“And we want you to understand that all that visualization is, is practicing the vibration of what you already asked for in. This is just vibrational practice. All that visualizing is not making something happen. It’s letting something that’s already happened in. That’s such an important distinction. You’re not creating with your affirmations, you’re not creating with your visualizations, you are practicing a vibration that lets it in. (emphasis mine)

“So, the more practicing you do, the more you set a tone that lets more in.”

~ Abraham Hicks
In honour of a beautifully aligned and exciting project (a perfect match to my talents, passions, and appreciation) I was moved to search “synchronicity” on, and here’s what I found:  synchronicity = coexistence. Interesting!  A reminder that what we may experience as happy coincidence is actually the evidence that our desires CAN be made manifest.  The abundance and prosperity we so often actively seek already exists, it simply awaits our vibrational alignment.

Loving What Is – that has been the theme of my week, in the wake of what has been a particularly virulent bout of vagrants/crises/drama …whatever the current format of the contrast.  I am reminded that it IS possible to choose appreciation in the midst of (apparent) struggle, and that choice brings me ever closer to the alignment that allows my Source energy to flow love, beauty, abundance, and creativity through every aspect of my life.  I am reminded of Einstein’s quote:

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.

So whatever the appearance of the ‘problems’ in my life, if I wish to move forward I must transcend the consciousness that created the situation and soothe myself into vibrational alignment with the expanded version of myself (the ‘me’ that is already enjoying the fruits of my rockets of desire.)  And I know that the way to do this is gratitude for what is…deliberately setting my focus to what is already GOOD in my life, and actively appreciating that and dwelling as often as possible in that vibration, as I envision and anticipate the feelings of already having a healthy, happy & productive family; passionate, purposeful, soul-satisfying work; frequent travel; a warm and inviting space to entertain; and the financial security and serenity.

I can choose to focus my attention, and therein lies my freedom.  I can choose to use energy tools to raise my vibration and release my resistance.  My work is to find vibrational relativity to my desires through active appreciation and joyful visualization.  As I traverse that path, I’m delighted to find that the Universe sends me frequent reminders that ALL is Energy, and that I AM more powerful than I might perceive (or allow myself to perceive) or know.

I am committing to these intentions daily:

To be in the flow of magic, miracles, manifestation.
To notice frequent synchronicity…the numerous places where my ideal reality intersects with my current reality.
To appreciate and bless the people, events, and circumstances that illuminate where I hold my resistance, so that I can release and transmute my experience into that of my expanded (Higher) Self.

I’m so grateful for all of the falling-away, messy, broken down, seemingly ugly parts of my life right now…perfect opportunities to identify my thoughts and beliefs, and release and transcend old patterns.  After many ups and downs in my life, the current crisis is a clear indication that my limiting beliefs have surfaced for final blessing in a rather dramatic way. A new search on reveals that a concurrent meaning for ‘release’ is absolution: free from responsibility, duty.  So these old beliefs that have stuck with me for almost 50 years are ripe for release…I can feel that energy being freed to flow as love and expansion.

Abundant cause for Celebration!

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In Honor of My 50th Birthday…

In honor of my 50th birthday (can it really be!?) I’m excited to share with you this wonderful gift:  A totally F*R*E*E week at the University of Attraction, for you to check out their extensive Class listings and Video, Audio and Article libraries.   

This means you gain F*R*E*E access to all classes, the Law of Attraction Audio and Article Library, special Prosperity and Feel Good videos, and F*R*E*E Downloads of all Hypnosis and Meditation Recordings!

The University of Attraction offers regularly updated monthly LIVE (and also permanently available archived) classes, and continually growing video, audio, and article libraries encompassing every aspect of the Law of Attraction:

  • Health
  • Wealth & Prosperity
  • Relationships
  • Spirituality
  • 2012
  • Angels
  • Channeling
  • Emergence
  • Energy Transformation
  • Inspiration
  • Manifestation Tools & Techniques
  • The Science Behind Law of Attraction

…and the list goes on and on.

If you wish to Pay It Forward with a membership for a friend (or someone in need), please know that this shifts you directly into Prosperity Consciousness, bringing you into another state of well-being.  By sharing this knowledge, you are playing a vital role in shifting the consciousness of humanity.

Add to this powerfully transformational pay-it-forward opportunity a varied and interactive course content for every type of learner, and a truly uplifting and supportive community of kindred spirits.  It’s a fun, expansive  learning environment, with passionate and creative faculty members and meaningful course content that illuminates and celebrates this historic time.

This content is priceless – I’ve been a part of this project with Law of Attraction Radio’s Jewels Johnson for a couple of months now, and I have not found a better, more affordable Law of Attraction content site anywhere on the internet – just $11.11 per month, should you decide to continue on as a University of Attraction student after your no-cost one week trial is complete.

I invite you to join me there for this .F*R*E*E week gift, from my heart to yours…see you in the Vortex! 🙂

In JOY and Appreciation for the wonder that is YOU!

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Everything exists for joy…

“Everything exists for joy. There is not one other reason for life than joy. We’ve got nothing to prove to anyone, because nobody other than All-That-Is is watching. In other words, we’re not trying to get brownie points from some other galaxy.  We’re not trying to get someplace else; we’re not trying to get it done, because there is no ending—we cannot get it done. Everything exists for the purpose of joy in the moment.”

~ Abraham-Hicks

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How To Manifest Your Desires in Ease and Joy

“You are a visionary. And of course it is lovely to be an actionary too. But if you will let your vision be real and full and you find full alignment with it before you take action — then the effort that you offer is always joyful, fulfilling, satisfying effort.  

And so, keep telling the “manager” what you want. Not because the manager (called Law of Attraction) needs to hear it, but because every time you talk about it, and every time you come into vibrational harmony with your own desire — you open your vortex of allowing so that the Universe can yield to you a little bit more of what it already knows you want.

You are all working much too hard at all of this. It goes like this: You are wonderful beings. You are blessed beings. You are deserving of Well-being. Well-being is on its way to you. Chill out and let it in. Play more. Do the Hokey Pokey. Someone gave Jerry and Esther a little note: “Wouldn’t it be funny if it turned out that the Hokey Pokey is what it’s all about?” It turns out, it is. It is!”

~ Abraham-Hicks

Do you (like me) ever have the annoying feeling that you really don’t know WHAT you’re supposed to be DOING to create the life of your dreams?  You may have have an initial (or even fully developed) vision of your desired manifestation – whether it’s improved relationships, health and wellness, finances, or creating your perfect business.

I used to spend a lot of time trying to figure out why it was important for me to do the things my ego was telling me I “needed” to do, and what actions I needed to take to get there, so I could be “successful” and “abundant.”   And yet, I was so resistant to those things that I felt I “had” to do that I was essentially stuck and going nowhere.

About a year ago, I was introduced to a powerful, soulful process that allowed me to transform each and every aspect of my life.

Prior to that time I had a clear understanding of the law of attraction, but no way to apply it consistently – and to be mindful of exactly how it was operating in my life.  I began my journey of personal growth around the time my son was born (he’s 20 now) with reading Susan Jeffers’ “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway”, which led to reading a number of books about the law of attraction, and ultimately to Abraham-Hicks amazing teachings.

I was able to manifest some fantastic trips and close friendships, but although I embraced the law of attraction and used affirmations quite successfully in some areas of my life, it seemed that I was unable to establish a healthy financial flow or create harmonious relationships with my children.  I was supporting myself doing work  that was not as satisfying and fulfilling to me as I desired, and I felt I was playing small and not living up to my potential.  I often felt anxious and worried about my children, my finances, and my future.

Since that time, using this process has allowed me to manifest:

  • The  outpouring of support that I received (including an unexpected $700 to  pay for the flight) to be with my son — who survived getting hit by a vehicle traveling 50mph last March;
  • The  opportunity to demonstrate the power of focused intention to my son –   as we went through the day dealing with paperwork & bureaucracy to get him the support he needed…it all went smoothly and easily and even though it didn’t look like it in the morning, he ended up with a check at the end of the day and thanked me for all my efforts on his behalf  and told me how much he enjoyed spending time with me, AND he acknowledged how easily everything flowed, and we talked about  consciously creating that in our lives;
  • Feeling calm and centered and clear about my next steps; prior to using this process I always seemed to be in confusion and overwhelm; this process helped me to focus on the moment, and I began to be more receptive to hearing my inner guidance;
  • Moving to a much brighter and more spacious apartment; I had been living in a very small 2 bedroom apartment and was feeling cramped and unhappy… through the process I became very clear about what it was that I wanted and I manifested a lovely new place with virtually ALL of the details I had visualized;
  • Greater energy and ease; prior to using this process I was frequently anxious and worried, and though I tried very hard to be positive, I always felt as though something was missing (or wrong with me) that I couldn’t seem to manifest what I so desperately wanted.  This process opened my eyes to the ease of manifesting in peace and joy;
  • Vastly improved relationships with my children; prior to using this process I was truly undergoing what felt like parenthood from hell – my 14 year old daughter was staying out all night for days at a time, the police were involved, she was in a youth detention center twice, and our communication was nil.  My son was essentially homeless and feeling desperate in a city 2400 miles away, and I did not have the resources to assist him.  Using this process allowed me to create much better relationships with my children and see them as whole, healthy and happy…trusting that they are on their Divine path and that All is Well.  I am overcome with joy when I reflect on how I have manifested exactly what I envisioned – joyful, uplifting, harmonious relationships with my children (who are now both living in the same city as me);
  • More than anything, increased TRUST and COURAGE to follow my inner guidance/intuition.  Before using this process I was frequently worried, anxious and frustrated, wondering why everyone else was able to manifest their desires – but not me.   The process  has shown me how to access higher guidance and know that no matter what, I am loved, protected and safe.  This process has been the difference in my life that has allowed me to forgive myself for my ‘mistakes’ and appreciate the gifts in every situation, while feeling that I am continually refining my vibrational stance to be in alignment with Source.

I’m going to be honest…it  was challenging to commit to doing the process daily, and sometimes it was challenging to remember to do the process when things seemed to be going really well.

But the process provided me with SO many insights about myself…my  “stories” about my self-worth, talents and abilities surfaced as I used the process daily…that I wasn’t good enough, wasn’t smart enough, wasn’t talented enough, just wasn’t ‘enough’ period – and I believed that was why I was broke, frustrated, and unable to manifest my heart’s desires.   The process blessed me with awareness of how these beliefs affected my life on a day-to-day basis and through this process I was able to release  stories that no longer served me, as I moved into greater alignment with  my true desires.

The outstanding value of of this process is that it is SIMPLE, it creates crystal clarity around your desires, and creates the space to
allow you to recognize exactly how easy it is to create your ideal reality.  This process teaches clarity, commitment, persistence, how to deal with “vagrants” (contrast), and how to effectively tune  into your intuition/Divine guidance.

It’s my honor and pleasure to coach others in the use of this method, because I know that anyone who is willing to commit to the process can create miracles in their life, and we all deserve to have the tools to move closer to our true, Divinely-inspired desires and live the life of our dreams here and now.

My mission is to assist people to re-connect with Source by helping them tune into what  feels GOOD to them, and this process is  is the perfect vehicle for that!

If you are:

  • Feeling frustrated and unfulfilled and stuck  – even though others may consider you ‘successful’?
  • Experiencing grief or loss?
  • Tired of trying and failing with other manifestation methods?
  • Ready for passion & purpose & JOY in your life?
  • Willing to commit yourself to the process of expansion and growth?
  • Wanting to make a positive difference in this world?
  • Feeling your soul’s calling to brilliance and greatness?

If you are ready to learn exactly how to open the vortex of your magnificent manifestations, I’d be delighted to coach you through this truly transformational process that I have personally used to revolutionize every aspect of my life.

In a single month of personal coaching in the use of this process you will experience:

  • Soulful, transformational coaching along the path to manifesting your heart’s desires;
  • Daily support (weekdays)
  • Connection with your inner guidance
  • How to allow yourself to manifest your heart’s desires (improved health, relationships, finances, everything!)

*NOTE: As of May 3rd, 2011, I am currently offering one month of coaching sessions at significantly reduced rates in the initial stages of my coaching practice…I am looking for enthusiastic and committed clients, and I currently have just four spots available at 75% OFF the regular rate!

If you are eager to connect with your JOY, PURPOSE, and PASSION, I’d be happy to schedule a free 20-minute session to answer any questions you may have about the process, me, and whether this is an aligned energetic investment for you…please contact me here:

Carolyn Beale