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Grandmother’s Circle the Earth Council

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“We are The Grandmother’s Circle the Earth Council, from many parts of the world we have come together united in voice for all relations. As Grandmothers/ Women, for too long our voices have been rendered silent. Over the past year we have come together forming grandmother circles around the globe. To be a voice for the voiceless, share our concerns and solutions with all people of our Earth Mother and for the next seven generations.

Collectively, today we are issuing a global statement: We unite our voices to speak out against the practice of modifying our food supply with unknown, untested and dangerous Genetically Engineered Organisms / Genetically Modified Organisms.

Although this practice has been going on for some time it has come to our attention that scientists have recently discovered an unknown pathogen within GE/GMO corn, fed to farm animals that is causing stock to miscarry their young. Our four-legged family is loosing their offspring, a fate that could befall our own daughters and granddaughters.

Consequently we invoke the precautionary principal.

However in the space that it took to write this statement, it has come to our attention that another report has been released. It states the presence of the GE/GMO Bt toxin in the blood of pregnant women and the umbilical cord of the baby has been shown. This is something that the biotech industry said would not and could not happen.

We cannot wait for government agencies to help us. We must do this for our selves, for our children’s health, for our daughter’s reproductive health and for the next 7 generations to come.

Therefore – today we send out a global call to women all over the world to stand in her power with us – and use her consumer choices to boycott all products suspected of having GE/GMO ingredients, and all products/ animals that have been fed this GE/GMO corn.

You are supported on this journey of change. We unite together offering you groups to research that have information on the danger of these practices and enable you to discover alternatives that are safe and healthy for your family. We encourage you to do your own research and find solutions that you are comfortable with for your family.

By finding links to seed banks, inviting women, the original gatherer, to grow her own food, start her own heirloom seed bank in her neighborhood, we all empower one another for the health of the next seven generations. We also encourage women to speak out to all men in our communities to join their voices with the women.

Connect with community gardens, organic gardeners, supermarkets whole food stores, and local farmers markets. These are but a few suggestions to help make food choices easy, fun and healthy for your family.

We suggest contacting our local GE/GMO free groups because they already have lists of GMO products and alternative organic community gardens, co-ops, products. When you find a great resource share that with everyone you know, post blogs about it, and speak up for all the children of the Earth Mother.

We humbly ask you, to join your voice with ours, until we circle the Earth and all voices join together for the health of our Family… Global Family.

All our relations, all our love, Grandmothers Circle the Earth Council”

GM watch

GMO free


Author: cjbeale

Carolyn Beale is a freelance author, Silver Executive at Essante Organics, and Radiant Body, Soulful Life Transformation Coach at Serendipity's Garden - A Celebration of Abundance: Body, Mind & Spirit. Subscribe to her complimentary monthly Ezine, a delightful assortment of tidbits to satisfy your senses, stimulate your curiosity, and soothe your spirit. Features include uplifting articles, empowering quotations, selected artwork, recommended websites, guest columnists, and much more.

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