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Toxin Free For (Grand)Baby & Me!

Toxin Free For Baby & Me!I recently moved back to Vancouver (last autumn, to welcome my first grandbaby into the world) and at the same time was introduced to a more organic lifestyle. Though I can’t say I have completely made the transition, I am taking baby steps every day that are having a positive influence on my well-being and vitality.

The change that has had a major impact on my health is my switch to 100% non-toxic personal care products. I would not have believed (without experiencing it firsthand) the difference that using certified toxic-free products has made to the way my body FEELS – and my energy level is off the charts!  It has truly been life-changing for me, and the main reason I got involved in the company that manufactures these amazing products was that I did NOT want my sweet grandson Riley to have manmade chemical toxins put on his skin day in and day out, because I know that those chemicals are absorbed into the skin and accumulate, causing potential health problems.

I’m not about pushing products or a home-based business opportunity. I know that the people who resonate with what I believe in and what this company stands for will eventually be attracted to that aspect of what I’m doing.  But I do believe that EVERY parent and grandparent has the right to know the truth about what is really in the big brands they’ve been using for years!

If you are open to information, if you are looking for a better alternative, if you want to find out how to easily protect your family’s health – then please visit and select “The Toxic Truth.”

I look forward to hearing your questions and feedback!