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About Carolyn

20151020-GVHBA-Headshots-020 small    Welcome to Serendipity’s Garden!

Carolyn Beale has now happily returned to living on BC’s beautiful west coast in Vancouver BC, and she’s a delighted new grandma for the second time!  She’s a travel-loving Free Spirit who loves exploring nature, all things gastronomic, arts appreciation,  and the joyful daily adventure of living in this abundant vibrational Universe.  Carolyn is a Life/Energy Transformation Coach, excited to unveil her newest offering: Licensed Desire Map Workshops.

Carolyn’s Core Desired Feelings are:
Divine Connection. Lit Up. Clarity. Sensuous Delight. Wanderlust.

Carolyn revels in upliftment, celebrating abundance, building community and collaborating, exploring and traveling. Her mission is to BE the Light that invites us to reclaim our sacred birthright of joyful well-being, health, and prosperity.

Carolyn is passionate about continuously expanding her perspective, mindset, and experience of JOY. 🙂

You are always welcome to visit here in Serendipity’s Garden, or you can email Carolyn at or call her at 604.454.7745.


One thought on “About Carolyn

  1. Hi Carolyn:

    Thanks for your appreciative comments on my INspired Action Journal blog titled “Don’t Stress it, Finesse it!”

    It is nice to meet compatible components, from all over the world!


    SusanJoy Grieco

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