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Day 6: What Makes Your Heart Sing?

I’m so grateful that these last few months have been a study in what makes my heart sing.  With the end of a significant relationship and an unfamiliar (yet welcome) sense of expanded time, I’ve chosen to let Spirit flow through me and illuminate my passions and desires.

I’m drinking 1.5 litres of water a day, every day.  I’ve joined Curves and work out at least 4 days per week.  I’ve allowed myself the “luxury” of pure, organic food and body care products.  I’m honouring my body’s cues for food intake, and I’ve developed quite an appetite for Greek yogurt and chopped dried fruit sprinkled with cinnamon hemp seed granola, drizzled with pure maple syrup – for breakfast.

I’m choosing what feels GOOD more often in every day. Water, food, shelter/environment, relationships, commitments, everything…and it’s all improving on the daily, as my daughter would say.  I awaken early and spend time in sacred ceremony and journaling every morning, appreciating my amazing view of Lake Ontario and the changing skies of sunrise.   I record my day’s successes and inspirations in a “Positive Evidence Journal” before bed.  I am posting EVERY DAY (well, except for the first one 😉 ) in this Daily Blogging Challenge, which is really completely amazing.

I’m giving myself the invaluable gift of support via mentoring and community in Brenda MacIntyre’s “Step Into Your Birthright” program.  And although I appreciate the inspiration of many wonderful guides who have inspired my path here on this lovely blue plant, I have an especial appreciation for Abraham-Hicks.  Abe’s wisdom helped me to traverse the path of my son’s recovery from his serious auto accident and my daughter’s crazy adolesence.  As a result of these experiences, I know for a fact that my children are Divinely blessed and protected, and I also know in my bones that my attention and intention are powerful tools.

Creating my own heartsong music?  Flowing, cooking, singing, writing, dancing, loving, sweating, laughing, soothing, uplifting, feeling, being in Sacred Circle…that’s music to me.

What makes your heart sing?

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Self-Care Before Sit-Ups…

My good friend and client Amy Lundberg is starting her amazing “Self Care Before Sit-Ups” Group Coaching Program TODAY with a F*REE call…so if you’ve been wanting to lose the weight for good and get into shape so that you are energized and loving your body, you’ll definitely want to check this out!

Here’s her letter…

“Less than 24 hrs before my Accelerated Transformational group coaching program starts!

I have heard many of you and I am listening!

You are asking me for more details; not sure if this right for you; and the timing is a factor.

So two things:

1. There is never a perfect time to start when it comes to starting your journey towards improving your health, weight, balance, and lifestyle.

This only starts when the discomfort is too great…
so why wait until then, why not start now?

Life is always busy, my life is busy, but I know how to manage my energy (which I coach)not my time, to live a life of balance, peace, joy, and in my ideal healthy body. This gives me the energy to enjoy all the things I need to do and love to do without feeling depleted, guilty, or full of resentment.

So I invite you to looking within yourself with compassion and love and get in touch with your story, what has been holding you back from investing in yourself.

2. I am offering the first class f/r/ee to give you a taste and feel of what the class will be like and see for yourself if this is just what you are looking for and would support you in your personal journey.

Your next step: Send me an e-mail saying you would like to be a guest on the first call and I will give you the call-in details:

aimforit at

That’s it! I’m so excited! I know lives will transform because…they do! Love to have you be a part of it!




Aim For It-Fitness Coaching LLC

19483 County Rd
Detroit Lakes, MN

This will be a fantastic program, check it out!