Serendipity's Garden

Circle Guidelines

Goddess Gathering Circle Guidelines:

possibility. exploration. beauty. appreciation. celebration!


  • To create an energetic space where we are seen and honoured as exactly as we are, in our wholeness and radiance and beauty; and
  • to align with Source Energy and soulfully connect with each other.

Circle Guidelines:


Willingness to create sacred space; to receive and offer compassionate listening, heart-centered communication, respect for others’ choices (even when we may not agree), confidentiality.


Willingness to receive and offer empowerment/expansion through conscious intention and inspired action.


Willingness to receive and offer sanctuary.  Nurture – rest, respite, replenishment..


Willingness to allow, acknowledge, and affirm our abundant well-being in ease and flow. Willingness to practice kindness for ourselves, and others.  


Willingness to receive and offer upliftment, and to witness each other in our practice of loving unconditionally and consciously co-creating with Source in this dance of life; willingness to play and enJOY and revel in daily miracles.