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Visualizing – Creation Tool or Vibrational Practice?

“When you deliberately conjure an image for the purpose of creating, we want you to understand that, well, often people think “I’m going to sit and do my creating now.”

“And we want you to understand that all that visualization is, is practicing the vibration of what you already asked for in. This is just vibrational practice. All that visualizing is not making something happen. It’s letting something that’s already happened in. That’s such an important distinction. You’re not creating with your affirmations, you’re not creating with your visualizations, you are practicing a vibration that lets it in. (emphasis mine)

“So, the more practicing you do, the more you set a tone that lets more in.”

~ Abraham Hicks
In honour of a beautifully aligned and exciting project (a perfect match to my talents, passions, and appreciation) I was moved to search “synchronicity” on, and here’s what I found:  synchronicity = coexistence. Interesting!  A reminder that what we may experience as happy coincidence is actually the evidence that our desires CAN be made manifest.  The abundance and prosperity we so often actively seek already exists, it simply awaits our vibrational alignment.

Loving What Is – that has been the theme of my week, in the wake of what has been a particularly virulent bout of vagrants/crises/drama …whatever the current format of the contrast.  I am reminded that it IS possible to choose appreciation in the midst of (apparent) struggle, and that choice brings me ever closer to the alignment that allows my Source energy to flow love, beauty, abundance, and creativity through every aspect of my life.  I am reminded of Einstein’s quote:

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.

So whatever the appearance of the ‘problems’ in my life, if I wish to move forward I must transcend the consciousness that created the situation and soothe myself into vibrational alignment with the expanded version of myself (the ‘me’ that is already enjoying the fruits of my rockets of desire.)  And I know that the way to do this is gratitude for what is…deliberately setting my focus to what is already GOOD in my life, and actively appreciating that and dwelling as often as possible in that vibration, as I envision and anticipate the feelings of already having a healthy, happy & productive family; passionate, purposeful, soul-satisfying work; frequent travel; a warm and inviting space to entertain; and the financial security and serenity.

I can choose to focus my attention, and therein lies my freedom.  I can choose to use energy tools to raise my vibration and release my resistance.  My work is to find vibrational relativity to my desires through active appreciation and joyful visualization.  As I traverse that path, I’m delighted to find that the Universe sends me frequent reminders that ALL is Energy, and that I AM more powerful than I might perceive (or allow myself to perceive) or know.

I am committing to these intentions daily:

To be in the flow of magic, miracles, manifestation.
To notice frequent synchronicity…the numerous places where my ideal reality intersects with my current reality.
To appreciate and bless the people, events, and circumstances that illuminate where I hold my resistance, so that I can release and transmute my experience into that of my expanded (Higher) Self.

I’m so grateful for all of the falling-away, messy, broken down, seemingly ugly parts of my life right now…perfect opportunities to identify my thoughts and beliefs, and release and transcend old patterns.  After many ups and downs in my life, the current crisis is a clear indication that my limiting beliefs have surfaced for final blessing in a rather dramatic way. A new search on reveals that a concurrent meaning for ‘release’ is absolution: free from responsibility, duty.  So these old beliefs that have stuck with me for almost 50 years are ripe for release…I can feel that energy being freed to flow as love and expansion.

Abundant cause for Celebration!