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Celebrating Abundance: Body, Mind & Spirit

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Today I Am Willing…

Today I am willing to be the detached observer of my ‘not good enough’  thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Today I see that my judgment is unnecessary.

Today I choose to view the world and my existence from a greater/higher perspective.

Today I choose to see myself as a powerful co-creator.

Today I AM appreciating my incredible co-creative power.

Today I AM relaxing and letting go of the need for control over how my desires manifest.

Today I AM allowing the Universe to lead the dance moment by moment, relaxing into the flow.

Recent gifts in the form of endings and transitions in my life have been very illuminating ; I am becoming more and more conscious of the way my ‘stories’ play out and the times when I react to situations without taking the time to breathe and center myself in the sure knowing that we all are, at our core, powerful Divine co-creators.

An abundance of situations lately (work and relationships) call for me to release, let go, move on.  That has been one of the hardest things for me to do in the past…just let go and allow, and trust that whatever wants to be birthed is going to be a manifestational match to my greatest desires.  I was going to say infinitely better than I have ever experienced, but that’s not necessarily true; I have practiced the vibration of my life’s desire and know that as I release, release, release my resistance – it is law that it must become manifest.  That is what allows me to be joyful in this moment, in the sure knowing that It Is Done.

It reassures me to think that my magnificent vibrational escrow already exists, and all I need ‘do’ is become a vibrational alignment to it.  I have sometimes neglected my physical/mental/emotional self-care so that it has been misaligned with the magnificent, powerful BEing that is me.  I am grateful that my awareness is moving me into a state of trust and love that allows me to experience and express my desires, and to honour them.


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New Moon (and other) Musings…

Outside, snow whirls and the wind howls as we hunker down for the season’s worst storm yet here in Ottawa, Canada.  Inside it’s warm and dry, and I’m appreciating the pleasures and freedoms of working from home.  My daughter is enjoying the first snow day of the school year, and we’ve decided to create New Moon intentions and share them, for the first time.  We’re both aware that a different energy is in the air, grateful for our newly harmonious relationship, and looking forward to a New Year filled with continued growth and opportunity.

It’s time to listen to our inner guidance about releasing fears, moving past self-imposed limitations, and expressing ourselves authentically and creatively in our work and in our relationships.  This is a time to shed old stories about who we are in this world, and to embrace the truth of our co-creative relationship with the Divine in each and every moment.

It’s time to “shine your light” in a very real and concrete way, delighting in the flow of creative energy and inspiration that is your birthright.

Many seeds (dreams, plans, projects)  that were planted long ago are now finally germinating in the fruitful conditions of our inevitable ego-surrender and subsequent state of allowing; their underground growth is creating necessary upheaval and change.  It is becoming impossible to bury our creative needs and desires beneath fears of loss; in denying our true selves, we cut ourselves off from our connection to the Universe, and our soul never ceases calling us.

In the words of Anais Nin,

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

So if you’re feeling uncertainty and longing and frustration, that could be a very good thing.  An important key to traversing the path of upcoming days, weeks and months will be awareness: of ourselves, of our Divine nature, and most especially of our emotional guidance systems. When we gain access to awareness of our emotional state in the moment, we’re provided with instantaneous feedback about whether what we are thinking and feeling is a match to our expanded vibrational state, or whether we are creating a state of resistance, and therefore experiencing painful separation from the beauty, joy, and grace that is our true nature.

With that in mind, enjoy contemplating the following questions this New Moon…


New Moon Intentions –  Ask yourself these questions:
What do I want to Be/Do/Have in the next 28 days?
What nourishes me physically, mentally, emotionally/spiritually?
What stories (that I tell myself about my history, my strengths, and my abilities) are ripe for renewal and transformation?

It’s a great pleasure to be connected with you, and to be consciously choosing to remain in the space of allowing our greatest dreams and desires to manifest.  I invite you to leave comments and additional questions for all to savour.

To living in the moment, and Celebrating Abundant Living: Body, Mind, & Spirit!

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Special Dream Meditation…

From Hay House:

To celebrate this month of dreaming and truly identifying and connecting to the most divine aspect of our selves, we invite you to experience a special dream meditation podcast led by davidji.

He will guide you in a process for bringing your waking state into your dream state, your dream state into your waking state, and your meditative state into both of these worlds.

This practice will allow you to access an entirely new level of awareness and will awaken the experience of SynchroDestiny – those meaningful coincidences that lead to the fulfillment of your deepest dreams and desires.