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HOLIDAY HARMONY: Create Peace Within, Get Joy From Your World

Holiday HarmonyIn a world spiraling out-of-control with economic, personal and global discord, is it really possible to enjoy a happy, love-filled and abundant holiday season? Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) expert, Cathleen Campbell, EFT-CC, says it’s not only possible it’s essential we learn how especially in “these” times. Living Harmony announces a new tele-class program, Holiday Harmony, featuring Emotional Freedom Techniques combined with Law of Attraction energy tools. Attendees of the 5 week program will learn these tools to release stress and enjoy happy holidays. Details and registration for the $129.95 program can be accessed at

According to the American Psychological Association cause for the holiday blues come from three main sources: finances, relationships and physical overload. Each of these subjects alone can cause stress, turmoil and depression at any time of the year, but at holiday time they combine with the added pressure of trying to create or experience a greeting card like perfect holiday blowing out of proportion even the most minor issues and causing physical distress.

Emotional Freedom Techniques is a self-applied acupressure method combined with guided statements that connects the mind, heart, body and spirit in a conscious release of the unseen blocking or binding forces called stuck energies resulting from any trauma, negative imbalance or dysfunction. Once stuck energy is released acute conditions are often cleared instantaneously, and long-term patterns once firmly entrenched are easily corrected. This gentle yet effective technique has been proven effective often where nothing else has worked, on everything from physical pain to relationship dysfunctions.

How does Holiday Harmony help? With proven results. Holiday Harmony will guide attendees through a series of EFT exercises designed to release painful thoughts and feelings on everything from schedule overload to family drama, coping with grief and dating depression, holiday finances and more. “While we might not be able to change some of our circumstances, the truth is the holidays just don’t have to be the overwhelmingly stressful, painful and disappointing experiences so many have,” opines Campbell. “In fact, perhaps for the first time in history, we now have reliable tools anyone can use to release negative feelings, thoughts and experiences during this season and beyond. No matter what the times, we do have the power to manifest the experiences we want. And perhaps more importantly, we have the power to avoid the financial and personal costly results of remaining victim to our stresses.”

Research shows that both stress and the typical ways people attempt to deal with it actually contribute to our nation’s biggest health problems including obesity, heart disease, diabetes and depression. The financial costs of both the causes and results to businesses in terms of sick time, reduction in productivity and wasted work time are astronomical. “My clients regularly clear and release incredibly painful feelings and thought patterns easily using energy modalities primarily Emotional Freedom Techniques. And they do all this whether or not the specific circumstances have changed. Of course very often, as we shift their energy and perceptions often the circumstances begin to shift in accordance with their new, more positive vibration.” While our internet searches for anti-depression drugs increase just before Thanksgiving, it’s not until several weeks after the holiday season that this cycle of increased painful stress is felt. Blue Monday, designated by psychologists as the most depressing day of the year, is the culmination of all the overwhelming, denial and ineffective coping mechanisms we attempt to employ in our effort to just make it through the holidays.

Holiday Harmony, through a series of 5 live tele-classes, 3 recorded programs and accompanying workbooks, guides attendees through a series of exercises and lessons using EFT as the architecture for delivery. Attendees will follow along as Cathleen guides them in both releasing the painful feelings they don’t want and embracing the ones they do wish to experience. In addition to the benefits of EFT, the Holiday Harmony group tele-class series provides attendees with another scientifically proven benefit: the power of group energy. The Living Harmony tele-class environment provides attendees the comfort of knowing they are not alone with their challenges, and the combined energy of the group’s desire for wellbeing.

With Holiday Harmony, now we truly can have a happy holiday season and beyond as we can learn Create Peace Within to both Get and Give Joy to Our World.

Founder of Living Harmony, Cathleen Campbell is a renowned energy wellbeing practitioner and creator of the Living Harmony 3-Step Manifesting Formula. Living Harmony teaches individual clients, groups and organizations the internal and external environmental energy tools we all need to clear the stuck energy keeping us blocked from creating and attracting the success, prosperity and wellbeing we seek in our personal, professional and spiritual lives. For more information about services, products and programs, please visit