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Celebrating Abundance: Body, Mind & Spirit


Day 6: What Makes Your Heart Sing?

I’m so grateful that these last few months have been a study in what makes my heart sing.  With the end of a significant relationship and an unfamiliar (yet welcome) sense of expanded time, I’ve chosen to let Spirit flow through me and illuminate my passions and desires.

I’m drinking 1.5 litres of water a day, every day.  I’ve joined Curves and work out at least 4 days per week.  I’ve allowed myself the “luxury” of pure, organic food and body care products.  I’m honouring my body’s cues for food intake, and I’ve developed quite an appetite for Greek yogurt and chopped dried fruit sprinkled with cinnamon hemp seed granola, drizzled with pure maple syrup – for breakfast.

I’m choosing what feels GOOD more often in every day. Water, food, shelter/environment, relationships, commitments, everything…and it’s all improving on the daily, as my daughter would say.  I awaken early and spend time in sacred ceremony and journaling every morning, appreciating my amazing view of Lake Ontario and the changing skies of sunrise.   I record my day’s successes and inspirations in a “Positive Evidence Journal” before bed.  I am posting EVERY DAY (well, except for the first one 😉 ) in this Daily Blogging Challenge, which is really completely amazing.

I’m giving myself the invaluable gift of support via mentoring and community in Brenda MacIntyre’s “Step Into Your Birthright” program.  And although I appreciate the inspiration of many wonderful guides who have inspired my path here on this lovely blue plant, I have an especial appreciation for Abraham-Hicks.  Abe’s wisdom helped me to traverse the path of my son’s recovery from his serious auto accident and my daughter’s crazy adolesence.  As a result of these experiences, I know for a fact that my children are Divinely blessed and protected, and I also know in my bones that my attention and intention are powerful tools.

Creating my own heartsong music?  Flowing, cooking, singing, writing, dancing, loving, sweating, laughing, soothing, uplifting, feeling, being in Sacred Circle…that’s music to me.

What makes your heart sing?


Day 5: Now is the Time

Every now and again, I find myself paddling madly upstream against the prevailing current of well-being, most especially when I’m judging myself for being human, imperfect, flawed.

Today, I choose I to celebrate my imperfection as the adventure of living, knowing that, as Thomas Drier so wisely reminds us, “Today should always be our most wonderful day.”

I so enjoy being here now, in this physical body – to love, to laugh, to delight in the beauty of this natural world and to flow juicy orgasmic energy to what aligns with my soul…that which nurtures and sustains and uplifts me.  I appreciate the opportunity to express my authentic gifts, to show up here on the page naked and unadulterated and seemingly vulnerable.  I’m seeing the value of being here fully in the moment, forgiving myself for being less than perfect, socially awkward, not up to my own standards.

I acknowledge that my harsh self-judgment is neither productive nor inspiring.  So I choose to remember that enjoying life is about being able to re-member to live in the now, recalling the true essence of BEing in this moment.

And so can you.

heart vortex


Day 4: The Language of Kindness

I grew up with a lot of religion.  Not the “God loves you” kind of religion, the “you’re going to hell if you don’t repent” kind of religion. When I was five or six I remember lying awake at night wondering what I had to do to get “saved” so I wouldn’t go to hell. (Children are a lot smarter than adults give them credit for, many times.)

Then my parents joined a different church that celebrated a Saturday sabbath, which meant that from Friday sundown to Saturday sundown we weren’t allowed to do anything other than go to church, pretty much. There were a LOT of rules at that church, everything from what you could wear to following all of the biblical Old Testament dietary laws and holy days.  After my dad died when I was 14, I stopped going to church altogether.

I felt at that point I’d had enough religion to last a lifetime. When I met my husband-to-be at the age of 18, his mom was a churchgoer and I (more or less) got coerced into teaching Sunday school for about a year.  I escaped as soon as humanly possible; it just didn’t feel authentic to me.  I’ve always felt that spirituality and religion aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive, but one doesn’t guarantee the other, either.

I’ve always believed in a higher power, a higher intelligence, a greater love than we’ve been able to manifest here on earth so far, with a few notable exceptions.

Now,  I resonate with what the Dalai Lama says, “This is my simple religion. There is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple; the philosophy is kindness.”  Imagine us all treating each other (and ourselves!) with love and respect and kindness, what an amazing world it would be.

The metaphysical path has also been an enlightening spiritual journey for me. It has taken many years and much reflection and growth for me to acknowledge myself as a spiritual being, loved and worthy and celebrated just as I am.

And so are you.

heart vortex