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Thanksgiving Greetings from Canada!

Warm Thanksgiving Greetings from Canada!

We’ll be having a big Thanksgiving turkey dinner today with all the trimmings…mindful of the countless ways that we are blessed. My appreciation to YOU for sharing this journey with me!

This post includes an article from my friend and colleague Michele Wahlder on creating deeper fulfillment at work, and one from Dr. Cynthia Miller entitled Explore Your Infinite Vastness, Release Your Limitations, Experience Your Abundance…Enjoy!

Create a magical, marvelous week!


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“Feeling grateful or appreciative of someone or something in your life actually attracts more of the things that you appreciate and value into your life.”

~ Dr. Christiane Northrup

3 Tips to Creating Deeper Fulfillment at Work
by Michele Wahlder

Did you know that the average American will spend 96,400 hours at work in his or her lifetime? That’s a lot of time, especially if that average American is unfulfilled or dissatisfied with their job.

If you’re finding yourself in a less than savory work situation, here are three tips you can start to apply to your job (and your life) today, to create more meaning, deeper satisfaction and greater opportunities at work.

1. Give up your victim mentality – Take an active role in seeking happiness in the here and now. Many of us are tempted to think, “If only________ would happen or be different at work, I would be happy.” We can NOT act like victims of our work situations, putting our happiness on hold for things outside of our control. What you can change is your attitude (which you can control) about your career, as it is now. Then, with a healthier perspective, you can be a “victor” and take the next right steps for yourself.

2. Practice an attitude of gratitude – Practicing gratitude is an excellent way to refocus your mind toward what is positive in your life and in your work. We all have something that we can feel grateful for. Does your current job provide you with money for the necessities of life? Do you have a least one co-worker that you look forward to greeting each morning? Did your heart continue to beat while you slept last night? These basics that we all can easily take for granted need to be acknowledged daily. Begin looking for people, places, or things to be grateful for throughout the day. It will cultivate a spirit of appreciation within you and redirect your mind and your heart towards what is working for you.

3. Create YOUR Day. Perhaps your job, by its very nature, doesn’t give you opportunities to use your strongest talents or natural abilities. Create those opportunities yourself. “My job didn’t offer much in the ways of creativity,” says my client, Lisa. “So I cooked up my own ways to express myself. I initiated an employee relations bulletin board and designed some new training programs, instead of the ol’ run of the mill ones they’d used for years.” If your passion is people, and you’re crunching numbers, you might look for opportunities throughout the day to connect with others, in the break room, with clients on the phone, or by facilitating an icebreaker at the next staff meeting.

Grandma Moses said “Life is what you make it, always has been, always will.” Well, guess what? The same applies to work!

About the Author: Michele Wahlder’s primary mission is to empower people to create renewed passion, purpose and direction, tap into their hidden dreams and fully step into their highest vision of themselves. With over 15 years of experience as a life coach, career counselor, corporate performance consultant, and psychotherapist, Michele brings an extraordinarily rich combination of knowledge, skills, and abilities into every aspect of her coaching business. She works with a diverse clientele ranging from women in career transition and individuals with relationship challenges, to corporate executives at Fortune 100 companies and families dealing with chronic health conditions. To learn more, visit, or call 214-823-LIFE (5433).
©2007 Michele Wahlder

Explore Your Infinite Vastness, Release Your Limitations, Experience Your Abundance by Dr Cynthia Miller

The Truth is that you are a vast, limitless being who chose to come to earth and be in a body. During the process of trying to squish this vastness into a small body you needed to choose some limitations in order to fit into a human form. It is all a grand game and you decided which limitations you would play with. As you accept who you really are, a vast limitless creator, then the game and your life take on a new dimension. Instead of struggling, feeling unworthy and fake, you can experience and live from a place of our Expanded Self.

The game of this life flips on its end; the rules are totally opposite what they were before. As the creator of your limitations, you can claim back the power you gave to those limitations and use that energy and power to expand your consciousness.

As a tiny child, you needed all your limitations so you could learn to function on earth. Imagine taking infinite vastness and trying to put all of that in a body – quite a remarkable task. So you chose to keep some parts of your magnificence and to leave, limit, hide or deny other parts of your magnificence. It is how you decided to play the game of life. When you grasp that you are the creator, you can then take back your power, otherwise you are a victim of circumstance.

Shame, guilt, panic, terror, anger, and rage are all ways you have created to hide who you are. When you go beyond these limitations what is revealed is the truth of who you are – a magnificent abundant being. All the fears that stop you from living big and being in an Expanded State are the pointers to your freedom. Follow the fear to its core; there you will burst into the Truth of who you are. As you bring Radical Gratitude to those fears and stuck places, you will find the gift of your magnificence.

I invite you to take this opportunity to explore this new depth of transformation in your life.

Author’s Bio: Visit to receive your Free copy of The Gift of Gratitude. Dr Miller is a pioneer and groundbreaker in the fields of cellular transformation and deep transformative change. She received a PhD in the Psychology of Change and Cellular Transformation in 1985, and has spent over twenty-five years as a psychotherapist and later as a consultant exploring the cellular structures of thousands of people, assisting them to live in greater health, prosperity, joy and delight.

“Appreciate: to see the nature of or to increase the value of.”
Love and appreciation are synonymous. Appreciation is the feeling of being in love. It is the feeling you have when you see someone and you feel like you are moving through one another. It’s the feeling you have when you are looking at the innocence of a child and feeling his power and beauty.

Appreciation is the vibration of being who you are. It’s the absence of resistance or doubt, fear, self denial or hatred of others. It’s the absence of everything that feels bad and the presence of everything that feels good. As you focus more and more on it, it calls you to it in a very powerful way.

Gratitude is different: In gratitude, often you are looking at a struggle that you’ve overcome. You are happy you are no longer in the struggle. But you are still messing with that vibration a little bit. It’s the difference between inspiration, which is being called to who you are, and motivation, which is trying to make yourself go somewhere.

Appreciate is “vibrational alignment with who I have become. It’s me being in sync with the whole of that which I am. It’s seeing whatever I’m looking at through the eyes of source.”

You could walk down a crowded street with things that others would criticize or even worry about and you would not have access to that because your vibration is picking out for you things of a different vibrational nature. A state of appreciate is a state of Godliness. A state of appreciation is who you were the day you were born and it is who you will be the moment you die. If we were standing in your physical shoes, we would make this our quest in every moment.

But the tricky thing is sometimes you can’t get a whiff of bliss from where you are. So we say:

* If you’re in despair, follow your revenge; it’s downstream

* If you’re in revenge, follow your hatred; it’s downstream

* If you’re in hatred, follow your anger; it’s downstream

* If you’re in anger, follow your frustration; it’s downstream

* If you’re in frustration, follow your hope; it’s downstream

* If you’re in hope, now you are in the vicinity of appreciation.

Now begin making lists of things that you feel good about. Fill your notebooks full of them. Make lists of positive aspects. Make lists of things you love.

Contrast helps you to identify desire. Desire is summoning, it’s always flowing through you. You have the opportunity of opening to the harmony of the vibration of your desire or not. As the desires are being summoned through you and you go with the flow, you thrive, but if you use things to be your excuse for not going with the flow, you are arguing for your limitations. We want to show you how to go with the flow, which means nothing more than finding vibrational harmony with your own desire and letting the Universal Energy that your desire is summoning to it flow through you.
It is optimum creative experience.

— Excerpted from Abraham-Hicks, Silver Spring, MD, 10/21/00

“Generally, appreciation means some blend of thankfulness, admiration, approval, and gratitude. In the financial world, something that ‘appreciates’ grows in value. With the power tool of appreciation, you get the benefit of both perspectives: as you learn to be consistently thankful and approving, your life will grow in value.”

~ Doc Childre and Howard Martin